This moon phase calendar shows the four main moon  phases for each lunar cycle of the lunar year February 1st 2022 to January 21st 2023, along with moon names and zodiac information.


Use this poster to plan your moon rituals and work out the best nights to see the moon in all her glory! It’s really easy - track the moon cycles along the outer edge of the calendar, and check the times of the full and dark moons to decide when to do your ritual. Directions on how to use the calendar and how to use the moon phases in your ritual are included as a separate sheet with your print. 


Original artwork, letterpress printed by hand on luxurious, textured card


Dimensions 210x210mm 


Please note, this is a moon phase calendar with all the information on one page (as pictured) - not a traditional calendar with a different month on each page

Year of the Tiger Moon Phase calendar